Friday, May 11, 2012

new beginnings and one old lady

Tristan Maxwell Murphy   April 21, 2012   5 lbs 10 oz    Yea! for sweet babies,   Yea! for turning 41.

Thursday, January 19, 2012


Apparently I was 4 weeks off. Due May 9. Boy.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

2011 goodbye...

Last Christmas=snow This Christmas NO SNOW
Christmas 2010...

Sea World Spring Break

Summer 2011
-Summer no real Vacation because Ty worked as Lifeguard at the Country Club and Shani had HS Dance Team practice every day.
We did spend a few days at La Paloma in Tucson. And stayed at Arizona Grande Hotel Labor Day Weekend. Mini Vacations...
- School started and we have not stopped to breathe. Lee is in the High Council, coaches Trey Football and works in Houston 3 weeks a month. Ty non stop Soccer, Shani Dance, Trey Soccer, Baseball, Football, Paige tried soccer. Paige and soccer are not a good idea. First game Paige opted to sit out most of the game as she doesn't like to run. She brought a purse and proceeded to put on lipstick (not lip gloss) and brush her hair. Some games she would just sit on the field. Lee threatened her one game and she scored a goal then sat out the rest of the game.
-October: AJ/Brit and Heidi and kids came to stay for a week. Brittany helped me redo the Guidance Conference Room. We were able to see the fall colors in Colorado and spend some time in Durango.
-November: Thanksgiving with Murphy's in Morgan Utah. The best part for me always is seeing Dianne! Miss that crazy lady.
-December: Quietly coming to terms with being 40 and having an addition to our family...I will post 3-D picture tomorrow.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Finally a Little Down Time

At last we are in between Soccer, Football, Basketball and only practice for Dance Team. I love that my kids are involved in activities other than school and church...but sometimes it kills me.
Loving the Fall reprieve.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

"I'm a Teenager"

Saturday morning Paige was in the shower "cleaning" and singing. She loves to make up songs, but this morning her song was more like a mantra that she sang over and over. It went something like this..."I'm a Teenager, I'm a Teenager, I'M A TEENAGER, I'M A TEENAGER!!" Until she was yelling. What does this mean? I chose to just ignore her. I think secretly I am afraid of her. I was always a people pleasing passive child. She is the exact opposite.

She tells women at the soccer games they are ugly, she looks for "fat boys" to make disappear with her wand, she demands chocolate milk in bed while saying she is not ready to get up, she needs "more" sparkly make-up because she can't see it, about every other day she needs her nails done, she always needs a "tissue" after a very dramatic blow up to wipe her eyes, she talks incessantly, she lets the dog in to sit on the couch (and pee) to watch Coraline or Alice in Wonderland with her and on and on. I work full time and She is still very exhausting to me, I can't imagine what she will be like when she really is a TEENAGER.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Let me sum up... 2010 up til June

Since this was supposed to be a Family History of sorts...And I only posted three times last year I am going to try and summarize events, good and bad.

Lee's niece was married so we spent New Years in Tucson.
Set my goal to loose 20 lbs. I began P 90 x with Lee. Lee lost 40 lbs I gained 5 and gave up around March.
Paige started daycare at Piedra Vista High School. She loves "Olee" and was potty trained there.
Trey found out he loved basketball. I seriously doubt he will have much height to go with this love. With Murphy and Busby genes not much chance..
Ty and Shane started track season. Shani was forced to participate and Ty was motivated to make it to State as a Freshman. We spent many nights at the High School track practicing running techniques.trying to teach Shani to run. Many fights at the track with threats, frustrations etc. ..Really a beautiful thing.
With Boggs at the Ranch
Tera Murphy/Gubler Wedding Reception

February: Can't remember

March: We spent Spring Break in AZ. Lee came and we traveled to San Diego. Spent some time with Boggs at the Ranch. Went to the Beach and Flower Fields and Resort.
It was amazing to see the old Boggs. Even cynical Lee had to admit there was a change in Boggs that he did not ever expect. Spent every weekend watching Track meets or Soccer Games. Threw my back out and walked crooked for a couple of weeks.

Carlsbad California Flower Fields

April: Shani finished track season with a first place in the 400. Yeah!

May: Ty qualified for State in the Boys medley and long jump. I turned 39. Talked to the HS Baseball coach at Farmington High School about having Pierce come and play in the Connie Mack league. Coaches looked a film and stats and decided to take him. Pierce came to stay after he graduated. Trey played for the Panthers Baseball again. Final game he told the coach he had been practicing pitching with Pierce. Coach let him pitch. Trey did pretty good but it was soooo painful to watch as he struggled. He was definitely in over his head.

University of New Mexico State Track Finals (400 boys medley)

Summer: Started off with many visitors.
Trey was baptized. Lee's parents, Mom, Chea, Wendy, Heidi, Jackie, Missy and all of their kids and Pierce came to stay for a couple of days. Very full house. I decided to spare Lee the stress of thinking about all of those people coming. He was just surprised when 22 people came to stay.
Spent most of the summer watching Connie Mack Baseball Games. Pierce was like a superstar in the Newspaper every week.

Pierce as Short Stop for Farmington Cardinals

I have spent 18 years trying to keep my crazies at bay. Having a sibling live with me opened "Pandora's box." Pierce encouraged me to embrace who I am and revel in the madness. Many fights, arguments, breakdowns ensued this summer as I tried to bend a very stubborn 18 year old to my plan for him. Pierce was unbreakable and I lost. However I learned much from having that boy stay all summer. Paige also learned many new phrases; "This song is Gay", "You are Gay" etc. Thanks Pierce for helping me remember who I am.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

It only took 18 years

I think I might be a closet "hopeless romantic". (Thanks to my mother.) After 18 years of being married to a realist, Type A personality Chea was finally able to coax a "semi-fun/romantic" photo shoot out of Lee. Here are the results. I will be sending after-Christmas Cards.